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Mastering Studio

At AJM Sound we have years of experience delivering masters for various genres in the music and broadcast industries.

Our dedicated mastering room provides a highly detailed impression of your mixes and their potential issues. 

Taking advantage of the accuracy of our monitoring, we carefully make the necessary corrections and enhancements to your mix.

We won’t stop until we bring your project to the optimum “ready to publish” quality.

Whether it is a vinyl master, a digital release, or a broadcast program we take our time to guarantee that your mixes will shine among 

the best of your field. 



In a close collaboration with our clients we also aim to help them improve their mixes, always empathising with their needs.

We are strong believers of preserving depth and dynamics while achieving a big “3D” sound. This was once the standard in the industry and is now only available to a handful of major players.

For us it is not a question of “retro vs modern” but a “transparent, timeless vs cheap and squashed” question.


Try our services and discover how your mixes could stand out from the lifeless flattened sea of “OK sounding”.


Sound is emotion. 


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