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Our aim at AJM  is to deliver a clear, deep an organic sounding mix, a mix where emotion is at the center of everything.



It is not a secret that the market is saturated with lifeless releases that are sounding all the same.

The “cheap and easy” routes taken during production and mixing, result in an illusive clarity that ultimately degrade the product.

The un-necessary sound-replacing of original sources as a standard practice has led to a plastic sounding musical landscape where nothing is said in terms of emotion.


“It’s as if all the real faces on the planet were using the same social media filter or even worse being replaced all together by avatars”


Our vision is to preserve at all cost the essence of a composition / performance and only enhance in a conscious intelligent way.

We focus on the interaction of the all the elements of a mix keeping a clear view of the big picture. A picture where artistic value is the most important thing.

No matter if it’s Jazz, Reggae, Hip Hop or Rock the ultimate goal will always be the same; Letting listeners feel they’re witnessing an amazing rendition of a great song.

This was once standard in an industry that was able to afford highly skilled personnel, and now seems to only be available to a few privileged labels and artists.



Have a listen to our work and judge for yourself. 


Let us give your composition a better chance to conquer the world with a mix that truly stands out. 


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